Kraut Scout!

I bit the bullet… I over spent my fair share of “fun” money when it came to my usual grocery store run, SO I took matters into my own hands.

I have a beloved brand of Sauerkraut that I saunter to time and time again. I twiddle along to the back of the market to see if today may be my lucky day, “Is it on sale?!!?!”. The $7 jar of fermented slosh is my ice cream… Yes, you may call me a “weirdo”, but I believe in having a healthy gut. You know what they say, “Healthy gut, Healthy – errr” – Okay, we won’t get too graphic here. I’m Just Bein’ Honest…

Because I eat the whole jar WAY too fast, I twiddled back to the fresh produce section to snatch up a head of organic green cabbage: $0.69 / lb ! WHAT?! Amazing.

“I am going to make my OWN sauerkraut, and it’s going to be FAAAABULOUS!” – Yes, personal pep talks are the key ingredient here folks, when conducting any unusual experiment.

Get ready for a little messy fun… for your hands and well, for your gut’s digestive tract {my “clean” way of implying that you will “poop”, with glee of course!}

Green Cabbage

Kraut Scout

Serves: 16 oz. mason jar


  1. 1 cup filtered water, not tap – Room temperature
    • All chlorine needs to be absent of this fermentation process in order to produce the best results. When in doubt, boil your water to cool and use in this recipe.
  2. 1 ¼ teaspoons sea salt – I use Himala Salt – – – It’s pink ; )
  3. 1 head organic green cabbage, approx. 2 lbs. – I have made with red cabbage as well!
  4. 1 tablespoon sea salt – for massaging the cabbage.


  • Use only sanitized equipment in this process. The cleaner the jar and cooking environment, the better the habitat for your bacteria to form without being tainted.
  1. Prepare a “salty” brine that will be used to top off your cabbage mash before you stow it away for the fermentation process:
    • Stir the salt in the water and watch it dissolve + set it aside.
  2. Prepare your cabbage of choice:
    • Peel the outer layers of your fresh cabbage. Keep these discolored leaves as they will be useful in the packing of your ‘kraut’.
    • Thoroughly rinse cabbage, freeing it of any dirt.
  3. Cut the cabbage in half, and then cut it in half again, keep the core for the packing process – Nice work, keep going!
  4. Slice / shred cabbage into long thin strands, the thinner the strands the faster the fermentation – Think of a permed “hair-do” circa 199, got it?! GOOOD.
  5. Place shredded cabbage in a large bowl and toss in sea salt. Set the bowl aside for 15 minutes and watch your cabbage literally “suck” in the salt – shrink a dink we go!!!
  6. Now it’s time for a work out! Take your aggression out on the innocent cabbage. POUND IT. SMASH IT. PUNCH IT, heck use a ROCK! – I promise I am a nice yogi… but sometimes sister has a hard day too ; )
  7. And then, smile. You WILL be smiling, because MAGIC will bloom before your eyes – THE CABBAGE SHRUNK TO HALF IT’S SIZE ! ! !
    • Notice the natural brine formed from the deconstructive process… this is a good thing! The working process may take up to 10 minutes depending on the consistency of your cabbage.
  8. Taste the shrunken cabbage for adequate salt levels. Grab remnants from the base of the bowl, if it tastes like a swig of ocean water, you’re golden! If not, add ½ teaspoon more sea salt.
  9. Pack the cabbage in to your mason jar. Compress it down tightly so no air can get in – REALLLLLLY smash it in there!
  10. IF there is extra space between cabbage shreds and top of the jar, simply add your prepped brine to level it out. Top off the filled jar with your saved outer cabbage leaves. Roll them up and curve them around the rim as a protective barrier and on top of the packed ‘kraut’.
  11. Cover the jar tightly, but not too tight – We don’t want the gas to blow up the cupboards!
  12. Hide your experiment in a dark and dry zone. Away from heat or sunlight – I keep a bowl underneath the jar to catch any spewing leaks : )
  13. Wait. Wait. Wait – The HARDEST part.
    • You can enjoy after 1 week, but the longer you wait… the better the bubbles – 3 weeks is minimum on our end.
  14. BING! Taste it when time is up and eat often for a healthy digestive tract!


As you massage the cabbage with sea salt, this naturally breaks down the cell walls. This process draws out excess water and starts the fermentation system! The bacteria and lactic acids from the cabbage team up and WAHOOOOO, you’ve got yourself an easy probiotic started!

  • Note: You can do this same process with a multitude of vegetables and leafy greens – My mamma loves massaging her kale!

Cabbage massaged

Over the moon here folks with the beauty of this vegetable. That green. That vibrant green! How could you not love it?!

Sometimes, we spend. Sometimes, we save. But, we NEVER everrrr skimp on eating healthily and honestly…

I’m Just Bein’ Honest… True Food for Thought!

xoxo kb

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