Just Bein’ Honest with: Terrell Owens

If you know me in person, you know that I am not much taller than 5’5″… So, what happened when I caught up with a 6’+, perfectly sculpted man? I had to be honest that’s what! “WOW, You are Tall!”

Okay, so this sounds so juvenile, but when you’re a petite bean like myself, sometimes you are blown away…and you say it out loud : )

You may think you know everything there is to know about this former Pro-Footballer,  we all hear things. We all see things in the media. Heck, people judge me every single day. People judge YOU every single day. BUT, until you sit down and actually talk to a person, that “true” person… you really don’t know.

The truth is in the pudding folks! You may be utterly shocked that the man whom dawned jerseys from well-known teams – San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks – is quite well-rounded.

Today we are Just Bein’ Honest with:

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens Prototype 81.jpg

About Terrell…

Born and raised in the south, Alexander City, Alabama to be exact. Southern comfort foods is what the good old south is known for. This athlete and fashion entrepreneur has taken his upbringing with a grain of “healthy” salt!

“T.O.” is a well-versed athlete, dominating in the sports of football, basketball, baseball, track… even TENNIS + BOWLING! Who knew that?! Awesome.

Beyond the sports, he’s a father, a model, a philanthropist (Alzheimers Association), and entrepreneur. Wait… HOLD UP! He’s created a new “athleisure” line coming out called Prototype81 – Better get in line for THIS! 

Overall, there is one theme that intrigued us to tap into a little further here…. HEALTH! Just HOW does “T.O.” get those abs? Is it simply genetics or is he just “Eating Honestly”?

See for yourselves here:

JBH: What’s the key ingredient that you feel keeps your energy levels up for you next workout?

TO: Mindset. Sure, energy drinks work too, for some, but I believe having the right mindset is the ultimate key to a successful workout. It’s all about having the “commitment” to obtain the goals you set out for…

JBH: What were your ‘Game Day’ go-tos?

TO: Carbs. I am a creature of habit. I “prepare”- and live by this practice – by starting off my mornings with a large breakfast. Some people skip breakfast, but I am an honest believer that it’s the most important meal of the day.

  • Oatmeal + Egg Whites
  • Pancakes : )

JBH: How did your diet change from ‘Training Season’ to full on ‘Football Season’?

TO: Off season was all about focusing on “replenishment”. My body needed more protein sources such as fresh chicken and turkey. Also, shakes on-the-go made muscle recovery even easier. In season was more intense. My workouts lasted hours longer + games burned more calories on top of the trainings! I maintained the recovery and keeping my muscles in top shape by eating more calories that improved my performance: More vegetables and cleaner items. The mental aspect of keeping my health in check and ready to perform was also a big source of how I recovered from game to game!

JBH: How do you influence your children to live healthier lives?

TO: By example. When we go out to eat, I tell them that they have “choices”. Whether your kids ask you for advice or not, they watch what you do. They observe your every move. I tell them, “sometimes you have to make sacrifices if you want better results”.

JBH: What is your number one pantry staple? How do you use it?

TO: Cashews. Raw or with sea salt! Oh and popcorn. I always have to have popcorn for movie night.

JBH: Do you dine out more than you cook at home? If so, how do you maintain control of the ingredients you are consuming?

TO: I’m a “Door Dash” kind of guy. I stay committed to my diet, sure I’m the odd man out when I go out with friends, but I have no regrets in my healthier food alternatives. Salads on the side, always.

JBH: What is one surprising fact people wouldn’t guess about your lifestyle that you’d like to share?

TO: The way I dress shows my committment to a life of living healthy. I love fashion. I like a nice tailored suit that is perfectly cut to my figure. That’s why I created Prototype81, it’s “Athletics meets streetwear. If your goal is to be more fit, it starts with the mindset first. At Prototype81 , we have created a line for all body types. It’s not just for people who are already fit, but the line is to inspire the workout for those who aspire to have a similar body like mine.”

*** If the clothing gives you abs…game on! But, I’m pretty certain the way he eats also contributes to the “ab-factor” : )

*Wild card*

JBH: BBQ or Farm to Table Gourmet?
TO: Gourmet BBQ Chicken…
Touché T.O….
Thank you for your ‘Honesty’!
xoxo kb

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  1. Sally Berry says:

    Thanks JBH and Terrell for sharing this post. What a great role model to everyone and father to his children. Kids do what they see … not what your say.

    Liked by 1 person

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