Coffee Addict Confessions…

Are you a Coffee ADDICT?!

Why do you brew? Is it for the aroma? Is it for the JOLT of ‘instant excitement for life’ being pumped in to your veins? OR, is it simply just a habit?

Think about it… What’s your morning, or in some cases, afternoon ritual with this java stuff?

Me personally, I’m not a coffee drinker. I’ve only had about 3 times in my 29 years of existence… TRUTH! You want to hear my first occurrence with this robust stuff? Let’s set the scene, dim the lights…

I was high atop a mountain in Costa Rica at the Red Frog Coffee Roaster in La Fortuna de San Carlos. Yes, I was. Why I was there, well, you will have to read my memoir someday, now won’t you ; ) – It’s honestly in the works!

I was over-looking the lush greenery, with views of the puckering volcano in the distant. My father was always the coffee drinker. My mother was the tea drinker. I am a tea drinker, but I figured… “HEY, the land of coffee, I shall try!”

It was my first cup. It was the simplest of the simplest brew. BLACK. Nothing added. It was rich with unique flair, similar to an exquisite piece of dark chocolate. I was on FIRE!!!! – If you know me, I am already a “wind up toy” ready for action! – The coffee seemed to transform me in to a galvanized cartoon character! Obviously, this was no mass marketed coffee from a can, this was the REAL DEAL!

This memory got me thinking. Coffee. It’s a very touchy subject, as TEA is : )… But, my point being, if “we” are so addicted to this habit, then how are others in differing countries preparing their “go-to” brew?

Coffee KB

Let’s get honest.

Canada: Ranking third in drinking the most coffee. They were known for consuming a brew mixed with two creams + two sugars. Today they down more specialty blends.


USA: Americans like their caffeinated concoctions, “fancy”—- You’ve seen the pictures of ads, you know what I’m talking about…. silly silly silly Starbucks. Known as the country that created the “Macchiato” = espresso + foamed milk; many people prefer a non-sugary blend as well… You know, the plain old “Americano” = espresso + hot water.

Turkey: The Turks like their coffee dark, strong and sweet. Grounds settling at the bottom are a must as they tell your fortune! – THIS IS AWESOME!

Austria: Coffee houses here are the ‘IT’ place to be. They are elegant and wildly elaborate in design and stay open late for socializing. Locals order a “Wiener Mélange” = fresh coffee + steamed milk + frothy milk on top.

Brazil: Brazilian brew is the beverage of choice, even served to children. For mornings, “Cafe com leite” = double strength coffee + hot milk. For a sweeter kick, “Cafezhino” = strong, dark coffee + a lot of sugar!

Vietnam: Freshness is key in Vietnam. Brews are served strong in a coffee drip filter that slowly replenishes a fresh dose – GENIUS! To add richness, a small amount of condensed milk makes it a dessert like drink!

Japan: This high-paced culture takes convenience in to consideration with their brew. Vending machine options and canned coffees are readily available, served hot or cold.

Mexico: “Cafe de olla” = coffee served in a clay pot, dark roast filtered + served with “piloncillo”, unrefined brown sugar that is smoky and caramel in flavor. Enjoyed with a cinnamon stick just like the locals!

Norway: The culture enjoys a light roast with a unique and tangy flavor. Unusual at first, it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Cuba: A leisurely morning ritual of “Cafe Cubano” = espresso + sugar OR “Coradito” = espresso + steamed milk. Coffee drinking is traditionally consumed with family and friends at home.

France: “Cafe au lait” = strong, freshly brewed espresso with steamed milk on side or on top. Small portions are key, as everything in France is consumed in moderation.

New Zealand: Locals order a “Flat White” = 1/3 espresso + 2/3 steamed milk + a touch of froth. Not into milk? Order a “Short Black” = shot of espresso OR “Long Black” = Americano brew.

Italy: The most popular blend is the signature shot of espresso. For a treat, “Cafe con panna” = fresh espresso + whipped cream on top.

Portugal: STRONG. Always. “Bica” = shot of tart espresso. Add a pinch of sugar to level out the tartness!

Ethiopia: The land of coffee discovery, it is a full cultural experience when ordering here. There is an entire ceremony very similar to a spiritual practice. Each step of preparation takes several hours, but the results are jaw-dropping! The coffee is served with a selection of spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, honey or butter… you create the “unique” blend of your choice.

So Much Coffee, So Little Time!

I feel as almost I should take a little trip around the globe and experience every sip!

Well, the answer is still ‘no’…I am not a coffee drinker, I tried to make it from scratch one time during the holidays for my father… F-A-I-L ! ! ! ! I prefer tea. All day, all night… I’m Just Bein’ Honest…

xoxo kb

P.S. What’s your FAVORITE way to drink your coffee?! Share your recipes with us – comment below!

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