Sneaky Sugar. It’s not what you think…

Just one of my favorite toothpastes that are FREE of any harmful sugar substitutes #DrBronners

“…Ah sugar, ah honey honey…”

– The Archies

Do you like tea? Me too. Nowadays I am finding tea with stevia added… hmmm, WHY? Isn’t tea just traditionally from a leaf? Why do you need added sugar, may I ask? Although, Stevia is one of the lesser of the culprits that may have a negative effect on your “sugar-free” lifestyle, considering it is from a plant… It’s still sugar.

Today we are diving deeper into “Sugar Substitutes”. What I am describing to you is the existence of what I like to call, “NON-NECESSARIES” . I call them the “Non-Necessaries” because they are just that… NOT NEEDED. NOT WANTED. NOT HEALTHY. NOT ANYTHING… I’m JUST Bein’ Honest here loves.

Frankly, I have been throwing a FIT lately. I am so upset by the remnants of shredded paper packet trails (hello! LITTER!), the snowing of chemically laced crystals, and the “hidden figures” of blood-sugar spiking toxins that are in MY food. – well, maybe not “MY” food, but you may fall victim to the unwanted creatures.

I have been keeping my mouth shut for way too long. I have to say…something… or else I would feel as though you wouldn’t even recognize these masked magicians better known as, “SUGAR SUBSTITUTES”.

Many people these days are staying away from sugar and opting for a “natural” alternative, but frankly many aren’t so “natural”. Did you know that fructose, a sugar found in high-fructose corn syrup, agave, honey, and also, in tiny amounts, fruits, actually feeds some cancers? I’m not recommending to stop eating your apples or oranges, as those are the best sugars you could ingest, but we all need to be informed a bit further.


Let’s dive in deeper, hang on… you may be shocked. May I add, I am not trying to scare anyone. Once again, I am here to inform you. Because you may think that you are just brushing your teeth, or snapping a bubble of your favorite stick of gum, but sugar substitutes are everywhere. Let’s get you squared away on those sweeteners that are ‘good’ vs. ‘not-so-good’. And always keep in mind, moderation is key : )


ASPARTAME – Commonly found in anything from sodas, to gum, to toothpaste! Studies have shown that this ingredient can be toxic to brain cells. Also, did you know that if you break this ingredient down further it’s a product of formaldehyde (used in resins and items such as particle board…)?! That’s a sweet dose of cancer right there for you!

AGAVE NECTAR – Consumers think that just because it is from a plant, that it is perfectly healthy…. that’s not the case at all. Agave nectar contains 70 – 90% of fructose, ahem . . . HIGHER amounts than in high-fructose corn syrup!!! It is deceiving to have you think it’s the healthiest alternative, but actually it’s one of the worst! It goes straight to your liver, which can cause damage (often at times, diabetes), and increase risk of heart disease! When your liver cannot filter out toxins in metabolizing fat, then that’s where “clogging” occurs.


SUCRALOSE – Branded most often as, “Splenda” . . . It’s NOT so splendid! Nothing annoys me more than those tiny little paper packets filled with … chemicals. It starts with a sugar base, but it is highly processed using CHLORINE! – I swim in chlorine, no joke … Just Bein’ Honest. OH, and when you “pass” this sugaring stuff (I’m talking toilet talk)… It doesn’t break down in the wastewater sites, thus harming the whole ecological system and FOOD CHAIN! – awesome, not!

SUGAR – Again, this stuff goes straight to the liver increasing your chance of diabetes. I heard a study that the main cause of death in Mexico now is from Type 2 Diabetes… This is a preventative disease folks… Be aware. Try an alternative and less processed sugar if you need something in your coffee – Turbinado (less processed cane sugar) or Rapadura (unrefined cane sugar), perhaps?

HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS) – Hidden in so many processed foods such as, breads, yogurts, ketchup, and even salad dressing… you may not even be aware of how much HFCS you are consuming on a daily basis. Here’s a hint – DON’T eat processed foods, choose organic and local when ever possible. HFCS is stored as fat in the liver, and counteracts with a vital hormone (leptin) that generates your appetite levels… It increases your appetite folks, bringing unhealthy weight gain. OH, and a kicker, past studies have shown HFCS laced with mercury and metals, this may increase autism and heart disease.

In Moderation – It’s Still Sugar… FYI.

STEVIA – Stay with a homegrown plant variety or liquid stevia in small amounts. Stay away from brands that are produced in facilities that practice genetically modified engineering (GMOs).

SUGAR ALCOHOLS – I think of the old Altoid mint when I think of sugar alcohols, but these can give quite a boost in products you may use on a regular basis, i.e. toothpaste. Always go organic + non-corn based : organic erythritol and a birch-based xylitol will assure you staying away from genetically modified products. But, be aware that overdoing on sugar alcohols may cause distress to your gut… moderation is key!

I recommend these: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Organic Erythritol.jpg Birch-based xylitol.png

RAW LOCAL HONEY – If you are not vegan, this is an excellent option for a sweetener. Yes, high in fructose, BUT it has a low glycemic index AND shows to soothe many allergy symptoms! Best to select RAW + UNPROCESSED varieties, as those are less likely to spike your blood sugar levels.

BLACK STRAP MOLASSES – FUN fact! One tablespoon of blackstrap molasses provides more iron, fewer calories and fat, than a three-ounce serving of red meat. HECK YES! ! ! Yes, it’s still sugar, so please in moderation darlings… a little bit goes a LONG way.

MAPLE SYRUP – the REALLLLLLL maple syrup. Maple syrup is again, still sugar, but shown to have more beneficial minerals than honey. It is a go-to for cancer and heart disease prevention, by reducing inflammation. Further studies show that beneficial enzymes can dramatically reduce type 2 diabetes. Select 100% Maple Syrup, and nothing that solely states “maple syrup flavoring”.

OH! and one last thing…if the ingredient list says “Natural Flavors”… Better to stay away. Far, FAR away! I’m J – U – S – T Bein’ Honest….

xoxo kb

P.S. We heard that Zac Efron is cutting out sugar for good… hmmm, six-pack anyone? Yummy.



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