Fitness on the road – Why it’s the key!

This past week I ventured to Kansas City, where I was born and raised.


I went to visit family and engulfed myself in the sweet, sweet and VERY sweaty summer heat – 100 degrees and humid. It was well worth with the trip. Although I had to take a side excursion for a family member’s passing, the remembrance service was perfection in it’s own – It was nice to be home. As comforting as it was to be back with my crew in such a captivatingly calm and collective place I’ve always called: H O M E – I know I had much to explore with regards to the newest fitness hotspots in town.


I am the type of person that is predominately disciplined when it comes to my fitness and health – hence, “Just Bein’ Honest”. So, it’s only natural that when I am on the road, I maintain this practice of health to keep my mental stamina in check. The beauty is that I ALWAYS learn something new when I switch it up. Traveling allows me to get out of my mundane workout schedules and tap in to something I may have never even thought of trying where I reside now!


I am a typical – Swim + Run + Walk + Yoga workout feign. BUT, when I was in KC, I tried THESE:

  • PILOXING – A blend of “pilates” and “boxing”. Thinking that it would be a high intensity workout, I was mentally prepared, but . . . it was not that. HEY, I still got a workout, I built up some sweat AND I met some beautiful hearted older women (I’d say 70’s). The best part of this workout was that it was FUN! I felt no pressure to be competitive, but more of just enjoying my body in the movement.


  • ROWING – I woke up at 4:30 am to make it to the 5 am rowing class. No, I wasn’t meeting down by the boatyard, I was heading to the new Kansas City famous “Health House”! I checked in to class: Ripped + Row. This was a full-body strength workout combined with short bursts of intensity that is said to chisel and tone every single muscle. My instructor, Courtney Filing, led us through the series of high intensity rowing spurts with alternating strength training / cardio – she was a beast!!! AMAZING, so strong, so motivating – HIGHLY recommend checking in to her class! It was my very first time here and I left with a SMILE! I loved it, even though most of the time I felt like the new kid that didn’t know anything that was going on… TRUTH! If I had a wish, I wish I could go every, single day!!! 
  • STRENGTH TRAINING – Kettle bells here I come!!! I hit the weight room, which I have to admit that I rarely do. Not because I don’t want to, but because I do not have a weight room where I live – I don’t even have a gym membership (Remember, I can workout outside 365 days a year). I transferred the weight over head, from side to side and practiced my abdominal form – – – I absolutely loved this!


  • INVERTING – A new spinal challenge that I think I am now addicted to! I was staying with my father and WOOHOOO, I discovered an INVERSION TABLE in his house!!! Upside for 3 minutes each day shook me out like a wet blanket! It reduced swelling from my lower extremities and blossomed my face with fresh collagen effects! (An anti-aging technique) Also, a cramped shoulder and neck – GONE! Thank goodness for the simple pleasures and invention of a reverse gravitational flipped table!

So, now that I am back to California, I have a new frame of mind. My thought it to always switch it up a little bit more, to keep it interesting. I want to challenge my muscles AND my mind! I want to GROW from my workouts and not become intimidated from them.

The lesson and main takeaway from this post is that you should always keep moving. Remember, vacations are to improve your health, not to reduce your health. So STICK with IT! OR, try something funky and fun to get a little laugh out of it!

This is True Food for Thought + I’m Just Bein’ Honest… Always.

xoxo kb

Katherine Brown
Health +  Nutrition + Lifestyle Manifestation Coach
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