Healthy Habits – How to be a Conscious Living leader

What the heck is going on? Are you okay? Do you feel like you are playing tug-of-war with…yourself?! Yikes! Slow down, let’s assess some tidbits here.

I have been coming across some very interesting occurrences with the “outer” world – a.k.a other “humans”. For instance, I feel as though people are walking around staring at the ground with a foggy “glaze” over their eyes. They are merely bumping along while completely focused on their media devices – I mean for what?! I am seeing more “fender benders” and thoughtless drivers than I have ever seen before. Is it that we are all “coping” with something greater that we feel is out of our control?

Hint: Are you staying well informed (I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT FOX NEWS) about the Global Security Crisis? Please know ALL of the facts – seek all sides, and listen to your soul. Ahem.

Version 2

(Furrowed brow + Shocking glare… This is me having a “Moment”)

Something a little less stressful, but equally as important – the dating world (What the hell am I talking about… It’s still stressful). I think that the attention span of people are becoming smaller and smaller and smalllllller – shorter and shorter and shorterrrrrrrr! “Don’t you remember that you already told me that your cat is suffering from heat exhaustion?” OR, the thought that crosses my mind – even with “new” friends – “Wait, I thought we had such a great conversation” and then… “POOF” – they ghost. And then you see them at the grocery store in the dry goods aisle, “Meh, hi, so you like that rice?”

Okay, I may be going to far, BUT I may not be. I am focusing on CONSCIOUS LIVING. This is a vital step in becoming more present and successful in leading a life of HEALTHY HABITS!

What are some habits that you are not fond of right now?

Why do you want to change these habits?

What is your goal from changing these habits?

For example – Maybe you (Yes, I am talking to you…) “KNOW” that in order to increase the health of your pituitary gland, thus improving your thyroid function (hormone gland) you must focus on the foods (really focus on this) that you are consuming. Seriously.

Do you realize that every single day – multiple times a day – you have the power to make decisions. YOU have the opportunity to create a platform of optimal success in improving that thyroid function OR whatever it is you want to improve! YOU DO!

Here’s the kicker. It’s up to you. As a Health Coach, I can give you all of the tools and knowledge, but it’s strictly up to you to become consciously aware of your actions and mindset in order to achieve those successes. It’s about commitment. Are you willing to commit to yourself?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself.


I dare you to take your life and live more CONSCIOUSLY!

Can you do it? Give me one day and report back on how you feel, what you have achieved and if you’d like to challenge yourself to a day two.

Healthy habits. You can be your own best advocate, but first become aware of your current status and then power on!

AND, if you want a leader to guide you – That’s what I specialize in…

Take Care,


Have a question – I am here to Answer!

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I challenge you to take control of your health. Are you ready to accept this challenge? If the answer is “YES” – I’d love to hear what your personal goals are… Please share with me, and I will help you achieve them!

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xoxo kb

Katherine Brown
Health + Nutrition + Lifestyle Manifestation Coach



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