My Evening Routine: Sleep as a SAVIOR!

Bed Love

Shhhhhhh. Quiet… Baby girl is sleeping. Yes, that “baby girl” is this 30 year old female typing at you right now!

I believe that my obsession with getting adequate sleep stemmed from a young age. Mum told me how I would “ASK” to take my naps – reallllllly! To this day, I understand FULLY the power of sleep and how it reigns control over my every existence.

Sure, I used to be a so-called, “night owl”. I remember hanging out with friends – getting nothing accomplished – until the weeeee hours of dawn. How did I do that?!


Me and Kermie

Nowadays, I understand that if I get less than even 6 hours of sleep I am a raging gremlin. I’m talkin’ short tempered, foggy, dehydrated, headaches, constipation (ya.) and I practically walk around in circles with little productivity. I feel as though my strength is lowered substantially and my appetite is heightened – THEN, I get sleep anxiety the following night, out of fear that I will not sleep soundly… it’s a roller-coaster, I tell you!

So, I have constructed an evening routine that works well with my biological clock – Also, did I mention that I awake at 4:30 am most mornings? Yes, Physical + Mental Fitness beckons.

Here are my secrets to a successful night:

  1. 4 pm: Late afternoon walks. Meditative breathing and or catching up those final phone calls with family and friends. I tend to hold these off until all my days work is completed.
  2. 5:30 pm: Body cleansing + Relaxation. I am very much in to my baths. I concoct a bath with my personal essentials – Lavender Essential Oil (or other calming oils of choice), Epsom or other bath salts (I’ve not yet tried the “bath bomb”, but many swear by this method) + Candles lit to set the meditative ambiance is a must! I like the toxin free companies: ELEMENT Candles, Keap and Lite + Cycle – to name a few!
  3. 6:00 pm: Facial + Lymphatic (Self) Massage. I whip up a quick exfoliation routine for my face to remove and environmental residue from the day spent outdoors or massage my face in a choreographed motion with my vitamin E oil to drain any stagnant energy. An easy way to boost collagen production and blood flow.
  4. 6:15 pm: Legs up the wall. Reversing the flow of your blood is a MUST. I walk and stand a majority of the day and my calves tend to puff up with angst near dusk. It also helps me reset my central nervous system and balances vital organs holding my chakras’ power – get ready to feel the “CALM”!
  5. 6:30 pm: Dinner prep. I am very mindful in my preparation for the evening’s last meal. I don’t like to eat too large of a meal, as your digestive state is slowed during sleep. I tend to fill myself with pro-sleep foods such as cruciferous, leafy greens, legumes and pumpkin seeds. At this time I pop in 3 pills : A safe mix of Magnesium Citrate + Calcium Magnesium. I also sip on REISHI tea. Studies shown that it improves sleep time and also the rate at which you fall asleep. I like the powder from Sun Potion – You can order through me.
  6. 8:00 pm: Alarm clock set + Phone on “Airplane Mode”. No more wifi, No more conversations, No more technology – Period. I also, automatically set my phone to shut off the blue light frequencies – yes, your phone comes with a “Night Mode” : ) Use it!
  7. 8:05 pm: Brush teeth, Stretch + Foam roll. This self-massage relaxes my muscles and moves out any tight energy creeping about my body. The techniques used also force me to breathe, deep breaths – instantly slowing my heart rate down. I sometimes add further self-massage with a couple of products: Dr. Bronner’s Menthol Magic Rub + Life-Flo’s Magnesium spray. DB’s has some hemp properties in it… and is SUPER soothing with shea butter!
  8. 8:20 pm: Meditation. A simple 5 minutes of breathing and meditation to slow the mind and heart rate even further help clear out any mumbo / jumbo left over from the day. I use this to set myself up with a “clean” slate for the next day.
  9. 8:30 pm: Read. A light workout for the eyes, I usually get a paragraph in and them “POOF”!
  10. 9:00 pm: Ear plugs in + Face mask on. To get the best sleep possible, it’s most beneficial to block out ALL light and noise. A wonderful time to focus on your breath and the beating of your heart. Lights out. Nighty night. Sweet dreams!

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xoxo kb

Katherine Brown
Health + Nutrition + Lifestyle Manifestation Coach



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