Is FEAR making you sick?


You know the feeling, I know you do. F E A R , that damn “F” word. Whether it’s from facing someone regarding a touchy subject you may have extreme nerves over, or perhaps it’s a NEW life change that is casting you in to a deep dark space filled with uncertainty.


You may want to throw up. You may S#%*T your pants… You may not even go after your dreams because of these feelings. The question I ask, “Is FEAR making you sick?”


Fear is a stress response that causes dramatic physiological, psychological, and emotional changes in the body to enhance the body’s ability to deal with a threat: to either fight with it or flee from it – better known as the “Fight or Flight” response. This stress response is our savior when we are in real danger. But it can cause problems if we believe we are in danger too often.

… yes, stress can make you look a bit … scary at times.

The response most often creates a state of HYPER activity within all cells. BUT when the body has been in a state of hyper emergency readiness for too long, it can behave erratically and more involuntarily than normal, which can cause all sorts of physiological, psychological, and emotional problems. These problems can also involve the many systems, organs, and glands affected by the stress response.

Being overly anxious can and will have an effect over your hormones, plus making you feel physically ill from being in this state. A simple fluctuation of a hormone can dramatically affect how we feel – you may have already experienced this. As well as, hormones that can affect the production of other hormones – Thyroid, Sex, Gastrointestinal, Pituitary… etc. WOAH! Yes, your STRESS hormones have a POWERFUL leadership over the rest of your mental and physical productivity. Can be freaky, but please don’t “stress” ; ).


I could go on and on and on, but I’m not. Once you understand the triggers of what the stress of FEAR is doing to you, you just may want to face it and smack it!

SO, what are some ways to calm the mind, body and soul. Let’s get you aligned. Part 1 of my wellness program is to “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN”. Are you ready for your cheat sheet?

Tips to get started:

KB’s Mental Awareness PART 1 of 3

  1. Positive self talk – How to “Retrain your Brain”. The case of the “Broken Brain” 
      • It’s not about what you “can’t do” it’s about what you “CAN” do.
      • Take your “weaknesses” and cultivate them as your “strengths”!!! These take practice to train a new skill or mindset, but think about this one…jot it down and share why you think it’s a weakness…
      • The issue: A scattered mind + pathless curriculum = no productivity / stress / anxiety – this leads to falling in to the trap of indulging in lifeless activities or unhealthy practices only leaving you with the feeling of guilt and remorse OR self-destruction.
      • The practice for change: A scheduled day with Creative Consciousness – If you only close your eye for a  moment and think about something that you are utterly passionate about. Perhaps a fond memory as a child. Stream in your imaginative thoughts. It’s like coloring for your brain. ; ) – Go ahead and color OUTSIDE the lines!

Healthy Reminders to activate this process:

•Step outside of your comfort zone – What’s holding you back?

•Challenge your perspective of the “problems” you’re facing – Are they “problems”? OR are they “fears”?

•Are you preventing “growth” and “transformation” from your perspectives?

      1. Start each day with a positive affirmation: “I CAN, I WILL” or “I CHOOSE HAPPINESS” – Repeat these words throughout the day.
          • How do you feel before your affirmations?
          • How do you feel after your affirmations (Perhaps later in the day)? 
      1. Be aware of your “language” – What are you telling yourself? A well-balanced life, a healthy life starts with what you “feed” your mind. Yes, you need to nourish yourself with food, but you must nourish your mind first with motivational mantras.
          • Speak passionately to yourself, practice “Loving Kindness” phrases: “I AM DOING MY BEST” – “I AM A LEADER” – “I AM HAPPY” – “I LOVE CHALLENGE”.

If you would like the FULL + FREE handout, please email me at :


Make your life GOLDEN! I am here to help.

xoxo kb

Katherine Brown
Health + Nutrition + Lifestyle Manifestation Coach



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