Culture Shock! Gut and Atmospheric changes with Alison Watson!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the different lifestyle my sister lives. It can be quite humorous at times the major GAP that is simply between us.

I live in LOS ANGELES – Traffic, Smog, Hollywood, Sunshine, Sandy Beaches, 24/7 Activity…

She lives in SUBLETTE, KANSAS – No Traffic (Ever), Wide Open Spaces, Clean Air, Humble and Homey…Quiet.

So, when her and the family – Three little ones under the age of 7 – packed up their NEW R.V. and traveled to live in Nashville, Tennessee for some months, it became a bit of a CULTURE SHOCK. Culture shock for both the stimulation of the brain and the maintenance of the gut!!! Uck! Oy! You know what I mean… 

I hope you have been able to tune in to our latest interview with this sweet mama and a.k.a my sis! Please listen in, and if you have – simply listen again!

Just Bein’ Honest with Alison Watson

I invite you to listen in and send along a comment {and please rate our podcast}.

ALISON WATSON 2 Ep 38 _ Just Bein' Honest - PODCAST.png

Episode 38 : How can we be CONTENT when we have so many material resources at our disposal? CULTURE shock with Alison Watson.

About this Podcast:

You know what they say, “mama knows best!”, and in this case I believe it! This episode is with a power woman that is very close to my heart and a guest we’ve had on the show before. My older sister, Alison Watson! I call her the “MOM PRO”, not because she necessarily knows everything in the rule book – Wait…are there really any written rules to parenting?! – but because she has taken a leap of faith time and time again.

When I mention that as a mother and a strong female leader that she’s taken a leap of faith, I sincerely mean that she has stepped OUTSIDE of the parenting “norm” and done things by following her heart and with the guidance of a higher power through many changes and challenges that come her way. From taking on a cross country journey in an RV with a tightly packed treadmill on board, to learning what it means to , “UnSchool” her children, to figuring out how to be content with the simplest of things… She is making strides and adapting along the way.

Get on our Magic School Bus, because I am about to open up your eyes to what it means to live a life by the wings of experience!

Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug – Much of Many my little honesters!

This is True Food for Thought + I’m Just Bein’ Honest… Always.

xoxo kb

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