BREATHE! How to Detox your lungs!


The past few weeks have been rough. My chest has been more clenched that I would ever wish for. I went to cryotherapy every-single-day JUST to make myself take DEEP breaths.

Fires upon Fires. Community tragedy after another. Politics. My lungs felt toxic from not only the environment, but from emotions.


I have been wiggling when I get in to my bed at night – I can’t sleep like my usual “baby-ness”. I am having difficulty swallowing. OH-EM-GEEE, what was that noise?! Did my heart just skip a beat?!

Turns out that both traumas of stress and smoke can cause nervous instability, insomnia, and even deeper stress on your immune system – not to mention your the adrenals in your endocrine system are spewing out “fight or flight” responses… BAHHHH!!!!!





AND Inhale Fully . . . Exhale Completely.

Lung tree

My lungs have been taking a bit of a beating, so I have created an herbal resource guide to detox my system.

Take this herbal recommendation and blend them together to “smudge” or burn for a relaxing and healing experience known to decongest and clear phlegm from the lungs.

The herbs can even assist with sinus relief to clear any bacterial build up left in your air paths.

PEPPERMINT: This is a high aromatic essence which can help decrease inflammation. It also helps with opening the bronchial passages to increase air flow through the lungs. If IBS is the issue, it has dramatic and healing properties to ease digestion efficiently.

CHAMOMILE: Adding a strong cup of this tea to a bath will help reduce stress, and the tiniest bit of essential oil in chamomile will help with wound washes and eye irritation in smokey air. You can even safely create your own eye rinse: make a cup of tea for yourself, take out the tea bag let cool down. Rub it gently over your eyes, squeezing a bit of the tea out into the eyes. Excellent inflammation and first-aid tool!

TURMERIC: This orange-staining stuff is wonderful for reducing overall toxicity throughout the entire body. It is high in antioxidant compounds and reduces inflammation – to the MAX. Take in high doses as a powder form, or make a tea form to sip throughout the day / night. It’s active ingredient, Curcumin is known to reduce heart disease and increase brain function – a WIN WIN! *  Side note – not endorsed, I LOVE Trader Joe’s Turmeric Ginger tea!!! 

LICORICE ROOT: Turns out that licorice root contains a “goo” like property that protects the mucous membranes from high exposure to particulate matter – a.k.a the black flecks that end up falling from the sky and on to your car… 

MARSHMALLOW ROOT: Marshmallow root is similar to other mucous membrane protectors. This herb is wonderful at cooling and soothing the entire system, especially if there is constipation associated with high stress.

LAVENDER: You all may be too familiar that lavender is the boss at reducing anxiety and stress. With dried lavender you can make a strong tea with simply 1 tsp. of the herb + hot water! OR toss it in the bath for an aromatic detoxification. Rubbing lavender oil briskly between your palms and applying to your chest and your feet will improve breathing capacity and soothe immediately. An additional benefit is the first-aid remedy for wounds and burns.

ECHINACEA: This is one of the best in kick-starting the immune system in preventing the entire body from getting sick by reducing inflammation – which usually occurs under stressful moments.

REISHI: One of my favorite herbs for boosting the overall immune system and has been spoken of aiding lung conditions like asthma and bronchitis. I use this herb long term in an adaptogen powder. The longer you take it the more it will work with your stress responses within the body. It also has qualities that help with decreasing heart disease and kill many cancer cells.

MULLEIN: A wonderful tonic that helps in healing coughs – wet or dry. I enjoy it in a tea form, but can be taken orally in a pill form.

LOBELIA: A perfect assistant for your bronchial spasms! It is the main helping aid with bronchitis, pnuemonia, or your common cough. Note: Take this herb in a low dose for results.

*** MORE TIPS! Clean the AIR with a highly recommended air filter. Clean your nasal passages with a rink dink of a neti pot to sweep out the pollutions. Clean out further toxins with essential oils places in a diffuser! DO IT ALL!!!


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