Year of the PIG – But what does that mean?

Happy Lunar New Year my friends!

Every time that the calendar turns a new page towards a, so-called, “New Beginning”, I get all tingly inside. I do! ! ! I absolutely LOVE, “clean slate moments” – it’s transformative mentally and physically.

So, when 2019 came around the corner, I wasn’t shocked to “begin again”. Typically, I am almost out of breath with excitement on New Years Eve – This year, I just got cozy and embraced the present. I think it was because I don’t have much that I want to “change” per-se, but rather I am looking to continue in my growth of who I am becoming.

So. The YEAR of the PIG. It is upon us all. What does that mean?

In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth.


Halt. Before the money comes , the health shall reign. As I like to say, “Health is Wealth!”… Let’s enjoy this turning of a new year with a traditional Chinese New Year dish!!!


Noodles 长面 (cháng miàn)

In some places, it’s custom to cook dumplings and noodles together. This is called gold silk and gold ingots. It’s yet another dish to express people’s wishes for prosperity.

Though the origin of noodles is heavily disputed, there’s no doubt that noodles are a staple in Chinese cuisine.

Chinese New Year long life noodles

There are SO SO SOOOOO many different variations of noodles that you can incorporate for this mix. You can use short, long, vegetarian – you can add meats or stay neutral in taste and tone. You can find seaweed based versions, noodles made of flour, rices and even BEANS!!!

Kombu Seaweed

*** I really like to enjoy my noodles in the form of a seaweed variety like the photo above. I like the subtle crunch from kelp noodles or a lightly prepared kombu.

For Chinese New Year, people like to eat long noodles as they believe this is associated with the amount of “wealth” connected to each strand. These noodles are called “longevity noodles” – AMAZING!!! The interesting point is that you are not allow to cut them and should not chew them either… sounds dangerous! This is because the longer the noodle, the longer the LIFE and wealth you will have. Oh boy, get ready to SLURP!!!

With a large serving of noodles, there is an abundance of flexibility for compatible sides and other ingredients to add in. Vegetables and meats have symbolic meanings as well – so perhaps read up of the varieties prior to adding to your unique dish.

Mix and Match to meet your tastebuds + WISHES:

  • Eggs: big and healthy family
  • Lobster: endless money rolling in
  • Shrimp: fortune and wealth
  • Roasted pig: peace
  • Duck: loyalty
  • Peaches: longevity
  • Tofu: happiness and fortune for the entire family
  • Fish: surplus and wealth


What will you be wishing upon this New Year?

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