The POWER of TOUCH… it’s life changing.

She swept her manicured fingertips over the ridge of his spine…

He brushed the loose hairs from her sight with delicate poise…

A long embrace and the warmth between them shot fireworks into the night’s sky – only the two of them could see the floral hues reigning above them.

Many believe that human interaction, via vocal chords only, is the only way to convey how you feel – OR affirm an action or reaction towards another.

I am finding it fascinating that as spiritual beings having a human experience in this thing we call, “Life”, are neglecting such a VITAL tool of health improvement.

T O U C H .



Do you feel that the media has completely separated us all from connecting on an intimate level? Yes, I do! I am talking about ALL relationship types : Sexually + Friendly.

I am raising my hand right now. We are lonely. It’s sad. And many of us don’t realize just HOW easy the Power of Touch can change one’s life and even extend it – perhaps we could heal or simply improve mental illness.

Researchers have shown the affect physical connection has on one’s health. This affection stimulates touch receptors under the skin which can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, ultimately reducing stress. A warm embrace, for even just 20 seconds, has the ability to release oxytocin levels in the brain and over time that lowering in blood pressure decreases a person’s risk for heart disease – also, known as a “silent killer” in many women.


You know how amazing it feels when someone, even if you aren’t particularly close with them, gives you a long and stable embrace. You immediately feel safe, reassured and relaxed. It doesn’t just go with a hug though. A simple pat on the back or hand on the shoulder sends positive vibrations to the central nervous system – it makes one feel HAPPINESS and JOY! The vibrations go back and forth, so you can get both benefits from being the giver or the receiver.

Did you know that the first of the senses to develop in the human infant is indeed, “Touch”? Did you know that an infant can actually die if they are not given touch or connection? It’s the instinctual form of neglect. Remember, compassion is really and truly at your fingertips, so use it.

“To touch is to give life”.

I think that we have lost this art of giving life to someone through societal norms. You know the ‘ol,  “Keep your hands to yourself”? Yes, true, I mean, I don’t want y’all out there creepin’ on someone, but we really are losing out on SO much more when we hold back too much.

Did you also know that the power of touch builds the practice of “cooperative relationships” and reinforces alliances and trust? I love this fact that it activates the body’s vagus nerve – the nerves that intimately joins with our compassionate response and releases the “love hormone”.

So, ask yourself daily if you are you “Touch Deprived”? Make it a challenge to breath life in to more human connection. See what it does to you and what it does to another. Sure, it may start with a smile, but in the end… those “Free Hugs” are really truly, “Priceless”.

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