Non-Toxic Natural, Chemical Free Condoms + Reproductive Health Products.

It’s about time.

I understand that some may become a bit “shy” when talking about “sex”, menstrual cycles (periods), vaginas, intimate pleasure, and more – BUT, I hate to break it to you – it’s pretty much the circle of life folks.

You may have heard that 98% of people are getting their personal pleasure on, on a regular – and they say the remaining 2% is just fibbing about it even happening… I’d like to help you become more comfortable in talking about yourselve,s and what you are willing to have come even centimeters from one of the most absorbable parts of your body. The more comfortable that you are in talking about your bodily movements and makings, the more comfortable that you will be in talking to your partner. This is called RADICAL TRANSPARENCY! Woo HOO! So, let’s starting talking.

As mentioned, the vagina is one of the most highly absorbable parts of the female body – WHAT?! Yes, SOOOOO doesn’t it make SENSE that we are all AWARE as to what is being placed in there? Tampons, Condoms, Lubricants?!?!?! 

The science behind the standard, and may I say, TOXIC tampon and condom on the market is SHOCKING in that they are packed with chemicals and carcinogenic compounds – hey, that’s a huge reason to become celibate – am I right?!

I have a HEALTHIER choice for you to purchase and support within your personal lives – Can I get another “WOO HOO!” ?

Without giving too much away, I’d like to have you listen to “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast Episode 59See Below…

ICYMI: That’s “In Case You Missed It” – I most recently held an interview on my popular Podcast, “Just Bein’ Honest”, with the Co-Founder and CEO of Sustain Natural, Meika Hollender.

MEIKA HOLLENDER Ep 59 _ Just Bein' Honest - PODCAST

Sustain Lip and Body

Sustain Tampons

Sustain Condoms

Sure, Meika grew up in an environmentally conscious household being the daughter of the founder of Seventh Generation – BUT she cultivated her own platform of health and informational transparency based upon her own will.

I invite you to hear how Meika and her father started this remarkable and body positive company called, Sustain Natural.

Would you like to try Sustain Natural for yourself? I’d like to give you 20% OFF one item by using code JBH20 at checkout . Go ahead, treat yourself with some good clean fun.

I hope you enjoy the Podcast, feedback is always welcome.

xoxo kb

Katherine Brown
Health + Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach



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