My Morning Routine.


I’m UP!

Okay, so as of lately I have felt more regretful that “they” – WHO DID THIS TO US?! – invented the “SNOOOOOOOOZE” button. I never used to utilize this damn button, but after a cold and rainy winter – my bed just felt much better than facing the outside world. Who’s with me?

As the weather changes, so does my routine. I must be getting wiser in how I refresh my body, mind and soul. I used to run ragged throughout the days, waking up at 4:30 am at a constant – not saying that I won’t ever do this again – jetting off to a 5 am masters swim group for an hour, showering and then returning home while the sun still wasn’t up yet – MEHHHHH!!! My body was merely running off of adrenaline – and most likely adrenaline that I no longer had. Secondly, I knew that I had to get out of my current living situation which was toxic. A current roommate scenario that was completely off the rocker and I had NO control over it. Going to sleep entailed a magnesium bath, meditation music, ear plugs, 2-3 magnesium pills, reishi tea, an eye mask, essential oils, self-massage and breath work.


My hormones were out of WWWWWWHHHHAAACK. My adrenals were squeezed dry. My body was tired, inflamed and frankly… I wasn’t happy.

SO, when I made the move – Helllloooo, my Saturn Return was finally completed!!! A spiritual awakening was upon me – it was time to slowly and patiently “rebuild” the real me. This was the time to come in to my full potential. SOOOOOOOOO, you may be seeing and hearing in my blogs and podcasts that things are evolving or better yet, transforming. Why? Because we are all consistently changing, learning and coming in to our truth. I will be sharing more on this very soon : )

Back to the mornings.

After taking a break from the frantic, heart racing mornings of GO GO GO GO GO !!! I decided to, sleep.


I finally had my own little cave with no roommates, no random and unexpected guests from those roommates and space to breathe – really BREEEEEEATHE and think about who I am and what I want in this thing called, “Life”. Once I felt my heart starting to authentically fill, that is when I began (and continuously am) to heal. My change in fitness mindset and planning became, “What do I feel like doing this morning for movement? What do I feel like I NEED?

My body’s inflammation went WAY down! My skin became clearer! My appetite became stabilized! Most importantly, I was truly feeling rested, fueled and creative once again.

In a world that is rapidly spinning at a fast-forward pace, while attempting to tell us what to do or “BE” at a constant, I have decided to stick to a couple of mantras for myself.

“BE ME” – “Do as I desire” – “Feel to Feel” – “My Guidelines, My Timeline”

*Meaning, I will not follow a fad or trendy diet unless my body craves and benefits from it. I will not feel guilty if I say ‘No’ to an event, if I feel as though it does not place value on whom I truly define as “Me” – Or perhaps I need to rest. I will speak my voice to others (males included) about what I want, need, treasure in relationship and lifestyle practices (without guilt!). I will live my schedule with confidence, knowing that even though others may not understand my “WHY” … the only person that I need to understand that “WHY” is me. Whew.

My New Morning Routine.

  • Awake with the sun. Phone on “airplane mode” until I have completed my morning rituals.
  • Morning Rituals. Tall glass of clean water. Foam roll and light stretch for 15 minutes. Herbal tea – Inhale… Exhale, completely.


  • Movement in cardio form. Swimming 45 + minutes / Outdoor cycling / Running – whichever my body is calling for that morning.



  • Post Cardio. Foam roll and formal yoga + meditation for 45 + minutes.
  • Set intentions. Pull a card for myself or simply journal out thoughts that have streamed through my mind during activity – release and refresh them to the universe.


  • Cleanse. Warm shower with post self-massage using oils: Sweet orange, Bergomot + Rosemary, Sesame oil. Those are just some of the few.
  • Tea time. Morning elixir of Jasmine + Gunpowder Green Tea + Licorice Root!!! And a slice of ginger root.
  • Breakfast prep + Podcast. Phone is off “airplane mode” and I prep my nourishment with steamed Cruciferous, greens like Parsley and Romaine / Arugula. I add gobs of fresh and seasonal fruit, toasted seeds and pop in some simple omegas and my probiotic.



This is it. It’s quite simple to create a routine that works with you and your timeline. I have learned that I am the only one that can control my mindset… and you can too.

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.

Feed it hope.

Feed it truth.

Feed it with love.

Need a place to start a foundational morning routine? Please reach out to me and I am more than happy to help you.

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