What Mom Wants.



How are you?!

Okay, let’s jump to it. Mother’s Day. Sunday. It’s coming for you.








I am going to make this short and sweet because I know that you are searching the web for that “perfect” thing to present to your mama come the big day.

I’ve GOT it!!!

In all honesty. She wants Y O U .

She wants your honesty. She wants your compassion. She wants your faithfulness. She wants your warmth (real hugs). She wants to know that you are … “O – K”.

And I think one of the biggest and BEST things you could do is simply say, “Thank You”.

Why? Because I know just as a female – that is highly independent and feels the weight on my own shoulders at times in having a full time job + caring for others (mentally, physically and emotionally) + looking poised + giving up her self-care sometimes for YOU and others alike – can be exhausting and reallllllly, realllllllly HARD!!! I may not have immediate offspring, but I have many that I am taking care of.

SO – that being said, I would like to expand this gift. “Mom” may not be a SHE. “Mom” may not be the one that birthed you in to existence. “Mom” may be DAD. “Mom” may be your sister, brother, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa, neighbor, friend or even a teacher! The love is all there. I encourage you to spread that love back in return. Whom ever you are celebrating, take that celebration to heart and make it an appreciation every single day.

OH!!! And, Remember those that are MAMAS to puppies, kitties and other furry (alright and farm animal) friends and creatures!

So, don’t fret and get that giant bow out to put it on yourself – please, include a lovely bunch of fresh flowers too!

Happy “DAY”.

xoxo KB


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