Bites – Crudites for you and yours

Crudité : 

1. assorted raw vegetables served as an hors d’oeuvre, typically with a sauce into which they may be dipped.
Veggie Platter
Everything about this simple, yet widely haphazard display has me salivating from head to toe excitement. Perhaps, it’s my artistic qualities that have me wanting to flourish each board with luxurious color and quality ingredients. OR perhaps it’s the fond memories linked to when my mother would splatter a platter with all of the seasonal fixings for our holiday gatherings – I mean, I couldn’t get enough of those little GHERKINS!!!
Well, the platter season is here! When did it leave? I personally believe that there is a season for all sorts and varieties of crudité + charcuterie + cheese + fruit boards.
KB Veg 1
KB Veg 2
KB Veg 3
KB Veg 4
KB Radish
Here is a list of my quick tips for building a better board:
1. Remember, your display is only as good as the items you decide to place on it. Please choose the BEST that you can muster up! I’m talking: fruit, meats, vegetables, cheese, nuts, and even herbs!
2. Remember, odd numbers are BEST when it comes to visual attraction. 1, 3, 5 – you get it.
3. Remember, delicate is the most devouring. Have your deli / meat cut very thinly. Select “baby” options of all things fruit + veggies – HELLO GHERKINS!!! You want to give your guests the ability to lightly “pile” on the selections for an all around tasteful experience.
4. Remember, the flavor and texture of each item are best and more palatable at a slightly cooled / room temperature. The key is to have it “crisp” and “fresh”, rather than “soggy” and “warmed”.
5. Remember, dimension is key to presentation. Adding in that “LUSH” and “ALIVE” factor will make your guest eager to grab for more. Plus, each platter is a master piece in its own right! Add in fresh bouts of leafy greens, herbs, bunches of fruits off the vine and keep those stems on!
Enjoy and CHEERS!!!
xoxo KB

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