Travel + Health Maintenance! What to PACK!

Travel + Health. I know many of you GIVE IT UP when you are out of your regularly scheduled programing, I see you over there! “But I’m on …VACAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!”


KB Athletic

In my opinion there are NO excuses to skimp out on maintaining a flourishingly and gloriously, healthy lifestyle. No excuses. I love when people say, “It’s just so hard to eat and practice my regularly scheduled life when I am away”.

How? Tell me. Seriously. Try MEEEEE, because where there is a WILL there IS a WAY! If you think about it, you are still LIVING no matter where on earth you are – so one place shouldn’t be much different than another environment, should it? – – – Yes, I am tough ; ) All with love.

You are fully capable to make your own decisions. I HIGHLY recommend that you DO take charge of making your own decisions, BUT when your decisions are leaving you with feelings of doubt, low-self confidence and lack of energy… well, that’s when I step in to set many of my clients straight and on track.

SO – Let’s make this easy for you. Let’s make a plan for your exploration, or perhaps you are just heading out for the weekend. This is what to nutritionally pack for some stress-free food and supplements. OH OH OH, remember to pack your sneakers, you can explore any city in the BEST way possible – WALK, RUN, HIKE… CRAWL!




P A C K I N G // S N A C K S ‘ N ‘ S T U F F

  • Herbs to take: Cinnamon + Cardamom aid with digestion. Echinacea help with boosting immunities while under stress and in new areas.
  • Probiotics: You never know what may slip in your “buddha bowl”… I’m just sayin’ – a protective dose of gut bacteria will set you regular.
  • Toxin fighters: Spirulina tablets // Chlorella tablets // Charcoal tablets // Silver Solution // Seaweeds – These all cleanse toxins and heavy metals, clean water that may be distressing on the gut and other burdening illnesses out and about – PLUS they help clean the slate for the essential nutrients that will go back in!!!
  • Reusable Coffee Mug with Lid: I recommend Hydroflask. This is how I fill up hot water to place tea bags in, I use to mix raw beans / rices / oats for sprouting to eat after they soak… the possibilities simply are endless!!!
  • Reusable Water Bottle with Lid: Again, Hydroflask, can be used HOT or COLD. ***Place a couple drops of Silver Solution in your airport water OR the water that you are unsure if it is filtered out from chemicals, and in 1-2 minutes it will be safe to drink, MAGIC!!! REMEMBER – Water HELPS with digestion and to maintain the integrity of your skin’s elasticity – not to mention your energy levels.
  • Pre-made protein balls: Plant-powered protein powder such as VEGA is a clean source to pack in for fullness. ***Place a serving of ground flaxseeds in this mix for fiber that will keep you fuller longer and pack you with those essential Omegas and Amino Acids ; )
  • Emergency bars: JUST IN CASE, not to fully rely on : ) They may turn in to a clump in your stomach. I would select one that is CLEAN, such as those by Naturally Clean Eats or any without added corn syrups / and gunky processed additives.
  • Vitamin C: Oranges, kiwis, watermelon or other in season berries – great for immunities and mood boosters!
  • Pre-made salads: Add a side of dressing in a tiny Tupperware container  – Olive oil + Apple Cider Vinegar + Fresh Lemon Juice (Omit oil if you are abstaining).
  • Sleep aids: I tend to stay away from anything that is going to disrupt or mess with your hormones, even melatonin does this to you… Try to sip on teas like Chamomile, Valerian, Linden and bring along some magnesium pills to take with that will calm your travel excitement. ALSO, tune in to some sleep hypnosis tracks on your media devices – that’ll have you snoozing in no time.
  • VITAMIN D: My number ONE when traveling and getting your circadian rhythm on base. Not only will it set your moods, align your body’s bio-rhythm, but it will help encourage boosted immunities to combat against jet-lag.
  • Try to book an accommodation that has a kitchen in place. Remember, just because you are on the road doesn’t mean that markets are non-existent. Stock up on local and seasonal fare. Packable snacks for day trips and for when you’re too tired to think of what to whip up next in the kitchen.
  • AND Move, when your body is in motion then your entire body, mind and soul is thriving with a well working inner plumbing system, so always remember your running sneakers – GO, EXPLORE and ENJOY!

Where are you traveling to this SUMMER?


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