I just spilled the beans on Episode, number 85, of the “Just Bein’ Honest Podcast”, I have MADE it to ITALY!!! It was certainly a journey in its own. The 3 am wake up call in California, the 6 am flight to Dallas DFW Airport (The 2.5 hour delay at DFW), the PERK of getting bumped up to FIRST CLASS!!! WHEWWWW. Elated. I have never experienced that before and it was a HUGE – MAJOR – ASTRONOMICAL treat to experience. I am beyond grateful. Beyond. So, on the way to Italy… Here we go. I met an amazing flight attendant that I connected with to the core. She shared her natural / organic health and beauty tips and I swapped mine. I trialed out a jet-lag pill called “NO JET LAG” and knowing that my body is very sensitive to any sort of new and unusual product (especially a pill) – I was a little nervous of the outcome effects. Popped one on take-off. Popped one every two hours in the air. Popped one upon landing. Now we see how the experiment goes…


First step to being a “cuisine + health particulaire” (I made that phrase up) while traveling long distance.

  1. PACK your OWN healthy eats on the commute. This is vital. They will try to lure you with the chemically produced plane food that is honestly, over priced. PLUS. The salt (MSG fillers) in my opinion is a leading factor in your “in-air” dehydration and possible cause to further jet-lag.
    1. I love raw and unsalted seeds such as sesame and pumpkin! YUM! I also choose to consume any fruit or vegetable that can contribute towards becoming even more hydrated : Greens of iceberg / arugula / celery / carrots / radishes / apples / oranges. It’s best to travel with items that your body recognizes for an easy digestive transition. ALSO, it is smart to bring a dehydrated greens powder. I brought spirulina (A mini contributor of plant-based protein) and individual wheat grass packets + supergreens packets by Amazing Grass – A brand that I know the sourcing is clean and reputable.
  2. DRINK a TON of filtered water + HERBAL Tea. My idea for this commute is to bring along some herbs you prefer on the way. The flight attendants will always have lemons. Ask for them to slice lemons and place in your HOT / COLD travel mug. I prefer to sip on this along the way mixed with ginger root. If I need some ease, please add in the chamomile or a Tusli (Holy Basil) mint tea to calm your entire central nervous system.
  3. Supplement when necessary – Remember your daily dose. I have my omegas, my spore-based probiotics, my daily multi-vitamin, my B-12 and activated charcoal pills just in case I need to rid myself naturally from any illness or toxic ailment.

Arriving in ROME!

This is definitely the city. I can feel it. The energy all around. The heat of the moment – can I really sweat any more?! – I have absolutely no idea how to read that sign – No worries, it doesn’t seem as though anyone else does either as they frantically run up to the Roma Termini train with their tickets asking if they are correct to get on here. I sit on the train with ALL of my things piled on my lap – OY! Going down to Naples to grab a rental car. Wait for that we have one more train to get to the Naples airport where the rental is. Wait for that, then another bus ride (sardine packed, make friends quickly!) to the airport. Not knowing that the airport has a complimentary bus to the rental company, a full on walk is in route through city traffic + construction. The wheels of my 360 degree spinning suitcase rumbles along the rickety path…almost there and then on my way to the SEA!!! Oh wait a moment for that… 3 hour wait to get the Fiat 500… 3 hours!!! No exaggeration here. Heat, more heat. Smokers all around. Bag falling. Neck in full-on throb. I will survive!!! Every time someone exited the rental a round of applause would erupt. What a success. The CAR, here we go now. Note: Waze App. can be 100% deceiving. The route map cannot seem to catch up as fast as the drive, watch out as you very well may end up in a detour route through a squeaky lemon grove patch… Do not enter even if you think that your car is small enough…

AMALFI there you are!

The first thing I did when I arrived at Villa Scarpariello Relais located on the coastline of Ravello is BREATHE! Take it in. Slow down the “Rush-O-Meter”, you are here. Next step to help with jet-lag and acclimation, take a shower. Yes, wash off the old and start melding yourself in to the NEW!

I have to say, the first couple of days – perhaps it was four – I completely shut myself off from work. I slept and I ate the freshest items that were soil based. In my belief, the more foods that you can consume that are grown in the environment, the more you can acclimate to the surroundings, energetically and physically. They have the healthiest crop of fruits and vegetables you could ever imagine. The spiciest of arugula, the creamiest and smoothest olive oil, the sweetest of lemon sorbetto – Do yourself an honor and get one of those! Eat as much and many seasonal items as you can. Recover from the time change first and then you can drink the wine. Remember, your body may be here in the land, but your cells have not quite caught up yet. Think clean.

I have a mission while I am here and it starts with relaxing in the first week I am on the Amalfi Coast. My next challenge is to immerse myself and be quiet. What is nature telling me? What are the locals saying? Most importantly, what is my inner goddess telling herself that she needs?

An emotional beginning, as I am purging much stagnant energy left within my bones and deep within my joints. Emotion is welcome. They “SEE” me here. The “LOVE” is real. The locals want to give you their time and share the history with you. Our history shapes all of us, but it’s so important to continue to grow along the path that speaks to your health and vitality the most!

So, I will hike the Pontone path, see the old paper mills, trot up the steps (5,000 + up, and then you have to do 5,000 + back down) to the top of Ravello at Villa Cimbrone. I will jump in the sea every morning at sunrises and swim, I will bask in the classic boat to play amongst the weekenders in a school of fish. I will meditate on the gift of life.

Are you speaking your truth? I am. I AM.

More to come.

xoxo KB

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Kilpatrick says:

    Hey GF,
    So loved reading this. Enjoy soaking up the soul of Italy; it is the life blood of an ancient time whose traditions continue to touch us all. Say amen to the amazing olive oil they produce and the grapes that ripen on vines from long ago. And observe their leisurely afternoon respites enjoying home cooked meals and quiet siestas, with preservation of soul and body at the forefront of their minds, while chasing the greenback does not interrupt their commitment to this welcome lifestyle followed generation to generation. (It only interrupts our complacency when we want to buy that purse and the shop is closed until long after our ability to wait for it open!! Lol)
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
    Love and more love…..lk


    1. The trip of a lifetime. Changed how I view everything!!! I cannot wait to go back! Won’t you come along? xoxo KB


  2. Kevin says:

    Sounds Incredible!!! Love your post – I’ve had some of the best healthy food of my life in Italy, and I love your encouragement and energy 🙂


    1. I cannot even describe to others how vivacious and lively the “simplest” of items are – I mean a zucchini?! DELISHHHHHHHH! Thank you for your feedback, did you hear the podcast episodes from my journey? KB


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