Hi LOVES ! ! !

How are you all doing? I am feeling for all of you, and I wanted to let you know that I am here for you in FULL FORCE!HEY! I have some GREAT news for you… Want to know what that is?

Ok, Ok, spilling the secrets to you. I have a great KEY to your success in maintaining your health while growing your wellness toolbox. What I will consistently assist with your on-going LIFESTYLE Design + Transformation:

  1. Mental Health Maintenance
  2. Body + Energetic Awareness
  3. Fitness + Nutrition Maintenance

The question I have for you is, “Are you ready?”

Are you READY to take this time of introspection to dedicate a lifestyle change that will have everlasting results?

  • Improve your SLEEP?
  • Begin a new workout routine that you ENJOY?
  • Feel safe in finally speaking your TRUTH?
  • Fill in your desires and wishes toward your ideal LIFESTYLE here …

The secret is DEEP within you, I am here to help you cultivate the LIFESTYLE that your searching for. Don’t know where to start?

Step one:

  1. Schedule a FREE | COMPLEMENTARY call with your Personal Consultant.

*** Full Disclosure: I am here to help you succeed. Every client has a unique and customized structure tailored to their unique lifestyles. The ultimate way for FULL success, is your commitment to your ability to CHANGE your LIFE!

Will you COMMIT to YOU?

Start Now for FREE

Now for a couple of IMMUNITY BOOSTING TEA BLENDS that will keep you feeling cozy and confident that you are doing your part in staying healthy.

  • Caffeine free ingredients used for both immune and lymphatic system. (Mix all together for a beautiful sip!)

Immunity Blend

Organic Echinacea: This is one of the most popular immune system boosting herbs. Echinacea has been traditionally used for the treatment of a wide variety of cold, flu, and other serious viral/bacterial ailments.

Organic Olive Leaf: This amazing herb has been a golden remedy for healthy bodies due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungal properties.  Olive leaf has been shown to deactivate viruses by several means, one of which includes halting viral replication.

Organic Rose Hips: Known to contain Vitamin C, which aids the immune system.  This fruit also contains vital nutrients known as bioflavonoids, which aid in the absorption of Vitamin C.

Organic Astragalus: Ancient Chinese medicine has long used this root for its immune stimulating benefits.  It is known to increase white blood cell count and has been used to combat adrenal fatigue because of its “adaptogenic” properties.

Organic Cinnamon: Studies have shown a correlation between taking cinnamon and its positive effects on cholesterol and memory. Cinnamon is used in this blend to keep the chest and lungs sterile and to provide delicious natural flavor.


  • Caffeine free ingredients used to fight colds naturally and feel great. (Mix all together for a beautiful sip!)

Congestion Blend

Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi): This is one of our favorite herbs. Tulsi has anti-viral attributes and can be used successfully as a natural expectorant.

Organic Hyssop: The chief use of this herb is for its respiratory cleansing properties, cleaning phlegm and waste that build up in the lungs.

Organic Ginger: Long used for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger also retains anti-histamine properties that open respiratory and bronchial pathways for easier breathing.

Did you try these teas?

What did you think? Please share your thoughts with us!

Thank you for your on-going support in both the team over here and in the practices that we speak of. We love you all and believe in you all! Contact me if you have any questions.

xoxo KB

Katherine Brown
Holistic Health + Lifestyle Coaching + Intuitive Healing
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