HEALTH SECRETS of ALGAE | A wellness gift of longevity!


I am blown away by the studies (and self-studies) of this beautiful green food.

ALGAE, Lets me truly shine the way that I was intended to shine. Fueling my body, mind and soul from the inside and out + recovering my hard working bod to the fullest!

Let me share with you a bit more. On my PODCAST, “Just Bein’ Honest”, I held an interview with the creator and founder of brand ENERGYBITS.

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Let me tell you more

Algae is a FUNCTIONAL FOOD that has been used worldwide, most notably in Asia for over fifty years where it is well known as the most nutrient dense food in the world.

Algae has the highest concentration of protein, chlorophyll, beta carotene, antioxidants and vitamins in the world. It was introduced to Japan after WW II by the American government to prevent mass starvation and is now a multi-billion-dollar industry there. In fact, due to algae’s remarkable nutritional profile, the Japanese add it to virtually everything because it fortifies them with protein, Omega 3 and antioxidants. The Japanese are well known for their health and longevity. Could it be the algae? We think so.

Algae has been sold in America for fifty years, yet virtually no one knows about it or its long list of health and athletic benefits. We started our company to help spread the word about this amazing super food. It has been safely used and its benefits have been confirmed in over 100,000 studies. Algae is such a highly regarded FOOD it has been declared the “most nutritionally dense food by organizations such as The World Bank and The United Nations who held a conference in 1974 devoted to algae. NASA feeds algae to their astronauts and says “one gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables.” And in January 2019, the White House included the “Algae Agricultural Act” in the 2019 Farm Bill because even the countries top legislators recognize algae as a FOOD crop and one that needs to be grown in the USA (most algae is currently grown in Asia). Algae is NOT a supplement. It is FOOD.

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Want a simple, fast, loving way to protect your beauty and slim your waistline? Try BEAUTYbits algae tablets. This plant-based tablet is an ingestible that you snack on (or swallow) to not just feed your skin, hair and beauty they also satisfy your hunger, energize your day, help with weight loss and more. All this and more from just ONE calorie and ONE ingredient, forty vitamins and minerals and 64% protein.

Stop wrinkles naturally, look and feel great with BEAUTYbits® spirulina algae tablets.

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Want a healthier alternative to sugar or coffee for energy? Try ENERGYbits spirulina algae tablets. One handful boosts your energy and brainpower from concentrated nutrition. NO caffeine, sugar or carbs. Endorsed by doctors and nutritionists nationwide. You’ll love all your new energy with these bits. ENERGYbits® spirulina tablets are the cleanest, healthiest, safest and most nutrient dense way to power your day or workout. Just one ingredient, more protein than steak, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, more beta carotene than carrots, more antioxidants than blueberries and so much more.

Supercharge your work and workouts with ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tablets.

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Want to protect your heart and your health naturally? Try RECOVERYbits® chlorella algae tablets. Chlorella has been used for decades to remove toxins and improve longevity and it also contains Vitamin K2- a vitamin that protects your heart, brain, bones and organs. One serving of our RECOVERYbits mees your RDA for Vitamin K2 and are endorsed by cardiologists like Dr. Joel Kahn. Chlorella tablets are also the most natural way to strengthen your immune system and speed your recovery from workouts. RECOVERYbits are 100% Non-GMO, organically grown chlorella algae.

Love your heart, health and longevity with RECOVERYbits® chlorella algae tablets.

Thank you Catharine for sharing SO much extensive knowledge to the entire “Just Bein’ Honest” Community!!!

So, What will YOU try first. If you need me to share my personal healing experience with you in regards to these products, please reach out to me:

I am here for you and grateful for you all for your ongoing support with my passions + my podcast!

xoxo KB

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