A GIFT for the kiddos – FOR LIFE | Kiwi Co.

I know many of you are acting as both a “school teacher”, and also acting as real life mummy and daddy – whew, wipe that sweat off your brow! It may be hard to create that ever engaging atmosphere in the casa when you feel like you’ve exhausted your list of life-saving arts + crafts ideas, am I right?!

WELL, Do I have a saving grace gift for you, errrr wait is it for the kiddos?! This is like NO JOKE AH-MAZING.

This is the ultimate GIFT that seriously keeps on GIVING. Your littlest ones or the little ones in your life will be teaching you along the way as well!

I know I have my eye on some special learning gifts for my favorite nieces and nephews.

Have you heard of KIWI CO. ?!

KIWI CO. is the powerhouse innovation factory – their goal is to INSPIRE YOUNG INNOVATORS – We all need more youthful innovators in this world, right?!

Plus, would you like FREE perks? We all love FREE!

Earn 4 FREE months by using code: SNEAKPEEK at check out (Note: This is a limited time offer, so hurry scurry!)

Now you have and this is what you need to relish on:

I would absolutely LOVE to know what you have chosen for your littlest friends – OR maybe you snatched up a crate for yourself : )

Send me a note!

I hope you all are having a safe and loving week. Remember, I am always here for you in helping you live a more authentic and more truthful lifestyle.

Are you interested in hearing how I am working with clients 1-1 (virtually) in lifestyle consulting? Total Embodiment Transformation sound like something you are ready to engage upon?

♦ The overall goal is to fully integrate your health habits and lifestyle back in line to where it belongs – so you can live a life of truth and make decisions accordingly. 

Please reach out to me Katherine@JustBeinHonest.com – I am happy to share a Complimentary Informational Consultation with you!

xoxo KB

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