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HI! I’m Katherine, but my friends call me KB!

Health + Lifestyle Design Coach ♥

Plant-Based Recipe Developer

Lifestyle Blogger + Public Speaker

Katherine is also the creator of this site’s blog ; ) – A source for Real Food + Health Chatter + Wellness Valuable Resources.

Katherine’s mission is to:

Inspire people to dramatically enhance their Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle by providing an Honest perspective and Knowledge on eating ‘Real Food’ – Mentally + Physically.

– In other words, helping you heal from the inside out.

Katherine aligns the key factors that affect a person’s overall health – Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Social, and Environmental influences.

A mindful consulting approach is designed with each client she works with in order to bring balance and alignment to each element. Each factor is nurtured and worked on closely through in a three step Health + Lifestyle Design program :

Step 1) Mindset Awareness

Step 2) Body + Energetic Awareness

Step 3) Nutrition + Fitness Awareness

♦ The overall goal is to fully integrate your health habits and lifestyle back in line to where it belongs – so you can live a life of truth and make decisions accordingly. 

Many sufferers of chronic disease and/or pain are unaware that their own behaviors are leading to the manifestation of poor health and need help getting back to a good foundation.

With this practice, Katherine’s passion is to restore gut health so one can mentally and physically perform at their very best levels – knowledge of one’s gut + brain connection is essential for optimal health.

♦ Katherine specializes in plant based, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free recipes leaving you feeling energized and fully nourished.


Want to know more? A letter from KB.

Growing up the daughter of a nutritionist and suffering from food allergies and intolerances that once debilitated me, I practice what I preach and am proudly Plant-Based! I value this Plant-Based lifestyle not only, because it has widely improved my bouts with inflammation and Autoimmune responses, but for my LOVE of this PLANET! The brands and companies that we support directly effect the health of our earth. The more chemicals – The more YOU get sick – The more antibiotics injected in to our animals – The more YOU get sick – The more our climate suffers and weather patterns destruct our communities – The more YOU suffer, an unfortunate truth… you get the pattern?! I am here to make changes + transformations that are maintainable in the long-term.

I’m Just Bein’ Honest.

I have moments, still, where even I am caught off guard due to profitably camouflaged marketing schemes. Hey! I am armed with the knowledge to fight back, and I am here to share my knowledge with you! No more falling to fear by the over-bearing conglomerates that have taken control of the food industry. I’m taking charge of MY health and I cannot stress this enough… it’s time for YOU take charge of YOURS! It’s time we all get back to living a Well-nourished and HONEST way of living + eating.

I am just like YOU …maybe just a little more passionately focused, and maybe just a little more vocal… but it’s time to take matters in to our own hands, I am happy to help you start your wellness journey.

Come join me on this movement of better health for YOU + for YOUR Planet:

You’ll feel better.

You’ll live longer.

You’ll look amazing.

I’m just bein’ honest. 😜

xoxo Katherine {kb}

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